{Arrowmont Experience}

Joanna Gollberg applies flux prior to demonstrating soldering

Joanna Gollberg Demonstrating soldering

Warren Carpenter modeling my fuzzy wuzzy ring

The whole fabulous class 🙂

Dustin Farnsworth, another 2010 Windgate Fellow, that I had the pleasure of meeting during my time at Arrowmont


{JR, Wheat Paste & Favelas}

JR’s work is poignant using images to help people see each other and to address social concerns. The piece of his that I am most impressed with involves people in Israel and Palestine. He took pictures of Israelis and Palestinians doing the same jobs then pasted gigantic portraits of them side by side on both sides of the wall. Can you tell who the Palestinian is and who the Israeli is? That is the point, you cannot.


To read more about JR go to ted.com

{Judith G. Klausner}

Oreo art, amazing! I love to see a common material utilized in a way I’ve never seen or even thought about. I found Judith G. Klausner’s art at juxtapose.com

Judith G. Klausner

Judith G. Klausner

{Arrowmont Workshop}

Joanna Goldberg's jewelry

I’m elated to announce my scholarship and participation in the upcoming Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts workshop “Trapping found objects” with Joanna Goldberg.

Class description:

Discover a variety of ways to trap found objects. Make and use cold connections such as sawing tabs and rivets (both standard and alternative). Create simple wire prongs and form sheet metal to hold items in place. Learn a variety of techniques including layout, design transfer, surface embellishment using simple and found tools, and the use of a variety of flex shaft attachments.

Joanna Goldberg's Jewelry

{Beetle Wing Earrings}

Earring made of copper, sterling silver and beetle wings. This earring showcases the top of the beetle wing. Beetle wings are shed naturally, no beetles were harmed to make these earrings 🙂

Earring made of copper, sterling silver and beetle wings. This earring showcases the underside of the beetle wing.

{Alexander McQueen}

I’m in love with Alexander McQueen’s work! Inspiring innovative use of materials and exquisite craftsmanship executed with stirring concept.