{Creating Alès}

This image was taken in Alès, France at a scrap yard. It is the inspiration for the necklace entitled “Ales”.
This is the steel stovepipe, first used as a flame resistant surface now used as a surface to enamel upon.
Cutting the stovepipe.
Fold formed and almost ready to enamel.
Flame red counter enamel prior to firing.
A layer of white has been applied, partially scraped away & fired. Now a second layer of blue is ready to be fired.
The blue layer after firing.
The third and final layer has been applied and awaits firing.
Just after firing the final layer.

The sterling silver setting prior to soldering.

The finished piece, enameled steel set in silver on a graduated sterling silver hand fabricated chain. After firing the enamel I ground some of it off to expose the steel to rust and mimic the depth of the inspiration image. July 2012
My new favorite clasp. I’m calling it the “keyhole & clip, clasp”
The back of Alès. From Marilyn DaSilva I was taught that the back of a piece is just as important as the front, it is an intimate secret for the wearer.

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