{Upgrading the Soldering Station}

A snapshot of my soldering station before upgrading. Here I had used the steel from an old stovepipe to create a flame resistant surface on which I placed a solderite board base, firebrick columns & a solderite board top to create a raised soldering station.

In my new set up, I replaced the stovepipe with 24 gauge aluminum that covers the entire 2′ x 4′ plywood surface and a piece of 1/2″ aluminum to create a heat sink directly under the kiln. I sourced these materials locally from Bataeff Salvage.

Hooray, the kiln is ready to fire up. Thank you Tom Pankey for hooking me up with this lovely used kiln.

I pieced together an enameling fork using carbon steel and a dowel. 

I made some firing racks with this scrap steel mesh.

I cut the mesh into a rectangle with snips, then began folding the edges over with pliers and hammered them down to make clean edges. Next, I bent legs into the rack about a 1/2″ from each finished edge.


Viola! One mesh firing rack made to fit perfectly inside my kiln and one wee rack for torch firing.


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